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First, you must decide to fight. Hesitation, doubt, shame, are all human emotions, but they stand in the way of the ultimate solution, which begins by you deciding to demand the rights afforded to you by the United States Constitution.  To do this well, you need an experienced partner to guide the way, explain the terrain, and most importantly, bring the fight.  With nearly twenty years of experience practicing law in the Greater Houston Area, as well as the surrounding counties, this is what I do.

You are not the first to be put in this challenging position, and you won’t be the last, but right now your legal rights and your freedom should be the greatest priority.  Call me, and I will begin the fight with aggressive representation on your behalf.

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I found the legal representation I was looking for!! Mr. Kohler did not only build a strong case but also followed up/ supported the case the entire way through. He’s an honest and experienced lawyer who was always available to answer my questions. I would definitely recommend!!

Johnna B

Mr Mike did exactly what he said he would do. No surprises. and he always returned my calls. His payment plan was also helpful.

Kandace R