About Mike Kohler

A Word About Mike

Mike Kohler Jr. BSN, JD

Mike Kohler is a fourth generation Texan who grew up and went to school in the greater Houston area. His undergraduate education was in healthcare where he received a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and worked in several Houston area hospitals, primarily in Emergency Departments, as the Lead RN. As you can imagine, with over 15 years of working day and night shifts in various emergency room settings, providing treatment for bumps and bruises and often times much worse, Mike has seen it all and has come to understand the importance of calm decision making in crisis situations. He credits his time in healthcare, specifically the time spent taking care of individual patients and learning to focus on their individual needs, with having a major impact and influence on his approach to the practice of law.

Mike went on to graduate from law school with honors and earn his Juris Doctorate in 2000, and became of licensed member of The State Bar of Texas 2001. His private practice over the past nearly twenty years has included family law, estate planning, civil dispute resolution, as well as criminal defense work. His extensive experience in working with injured persons as a care provider has proven very useful in properly evaluating and managing legal claims related to injuries. Acknowledging that Mike has an extensive and varied legal background, he will be the first to say that no attorney is perfect for every legal situation. An honest and open approach to examining the facts at hand, as well as an understanding of the necessary skills required to address the client’s unique legal challenge, are both required from the very beginning to achieve overall success. This approach served Mike well in the past when taking care of patients. It continues to serve him well in the practice of law. Identify the client’s legal need, map the solution, and get started.

Mike Kohler continues to practice law in the greater Houston area and Harris County, as well as in the surrounding counties and municipalities. He believes in the sovereignty of the law, and that any good legal system should be made to work for everyone, while always protecting the individual. Every day, this is what Mike Kohler endeavors to do.

More than anything else, Mike would have you know that he is “Here To Help”, and ready to get started when you are.