Texas Order of Nondisclosure

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Mike Kohler has a diversified background in both the practice of law and the business of healthcare, which has had an enormous impact on how he conducts his law practice. Mike Kohler feels it is important to have a relationship with an attorney that you feel comfortable with long before a legal challenges surprise you. In the same way a person should ideally have a relationship with a general practice physician prior to the onset of illness, so to, each of us should seek legal resources and establish trustworthy relationships before the legal crisis arrises.

Be wary of the attorney that says he or she can handle any legal problem, of any kind, anywhere, any time. They may handle it, but you may or may not be satisfied with the outcome. You wouldn’t ask a cardiologist to handle your broken leg, nor should you ask a personal injury attorney to handle your criminal defense case (or vice versa). That is why it is our pledge is to “HELP” you with all of your legal needs. This may mean that we do, in fact, take on your case and serve you as the attorney of record for your cause of action until an appropriate legal remedy is achieved. This may also mean, with your knowledge and approval, that we bring in additional legal specialists to assist the team in resolving your specific legal challenge. Our goal is to be your law firm of choice when you are confronted with a problem. We will listen to you, offer counsel, and in the event we feel it is in your best interest, direct you to a proven attorney that we trust and feel certain that you can trust as well.

No attorney is perfect for every legal problem, but having a relationship with an attorney that will be honest with you about your needs goes a long way toward achieving the legal solution that will let you move on with your life. The right legal team working with the right client; this is our goal.

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