Texas Order of Nondisclosure

In Texas, and Order of Non-disclosure is an alternative option that may be possible in the event an individual is not eligible for an Expunction. This type of legal solution refers to a court order sealing ones criminal record from public view. As you can imagine, with all of the entities searching through everyone’s personal information and histories, how helpful this can be in protecting your reputation and good standing within the community.

Properly done, ones criminal record is typically only discoverable to the general public by petitioning the court, which in turn requires time, effort, and court costs. The procedures for both an expungement and an order of nondisclosure are similar, however, their eligibility standards are very different, so it is imperative that you understand and petition the correct court for the correct legal solution. Otherwise, your time and money may be wasted. As always, all consultations with our firm are free and confidential.

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