What You Need to Know

Timing Matters

The criminal justice system has often been described as an enormous machine that always moves forward, gaining momentum as it moves along its way, and crushing whatever is in its path. The more time you allow it to gain this momentum in the prosecution against you, the harder it is to be stopped. From the perspective of a hammer, everything looks like a nail. In the same way, from the perspective of the criminal justice system, everything looks like a crime and you look like a criminal. You are just one voice in a cast of many, and it is almost impossible to be heard. This is the way it feels when you are wrongly accused of a crime.

The truth is, there are opportunities along the way to tell your side of the story. Opportunities to seek solutions and demand fairness. Not the least of which, is setting the tone early in the process by showing that you and your lawyer are willing to do what ever it takes to ensure that your rights are protected. You must be willing to bring the fight.

Don’t waste valuable time standing alone in the path of the machine. Let me bring the fight with aggressive representation on your behalf.

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